Here is the history which in changed my life.   Finished lines in dress.

 Me, 41-year-old Martine:

I was always a jealous person of the men who can pee without lowering their pants.

It makes 41 years about which I dream to do as them.

For us, the women it is always unpleasant to have to lower the outdoor pants, and now with this method I have pus to realize my dream, it makes 3 years that I practise the wee-wee without lowering the pants, it is really brilliant, my life in changed 

That it is practical for a woman as I who is always outdoor, I am a representative, then often in travel.

Presentation of my husband:

I appear: my name is Paul, I am 47 years old In the spring, 2013, I had a serious accident of car, my head in violement to bang the windscreen. 14 days of comas.
Diagnosis: a severe concussion with complications.
Only aftereffects which stays in me 18 months later: it is a bladder blocked for life, according to the specialists who follow me, there are less than 1 % of chance of recovery.
A nurse trained me to put me a probe alone.
I carry a probe has balloon which we can leave several days according to the model (mine 10 days with no problem at all).
I carry a probe all the time, the day, I put in the rear a pipe with a valve which I can open and close when I want, ca allows me to empty my bladder up as before.
The night, I put a pocket has urine. Here is my ended presentation.

My history.

Since every girl, I was always a jealous person of the men, I would have give all that I had to make standing wee-wee as them.

 Further to a car accident, Paul have to carry a probe for life and he in had the idea to put a join with a valve, like that he can again make standing wee-wee.

My life to be radically changed, when I was having a walk with Paul and when I had wanted to pee and a long line in the toilet, the first drops began to wet my panties when I rushed between two cars, it is always unpleasant to have to lower the panties to the view of unknowns. Further to this episode, I was irritated against my husband because was able him to go to find relief up.

 I are said to him: you are lucky being able to piss up. He answered me: YOU SHOULD PUT A PROBE ALSO.

 This sentence to change my life. The idea to make standing wee-wee soon went it realized, me which had dreamed about it so much.

The next day, I got in touch with my doctor, I was trained to be able to put myself probes I even.

A few days later, I passed in the pharmacy to look for the material which I had to command.

Having installed the probe with in the rear, the valve. I was impatient to make my first standing wee-wee. Then I drank a soda and two coffees. At the end of 30 minutes I wanted to pee, I went to the bathroom, I opened the door, I am brought in and the I positioned up in front of the basin and I opened my fly of my pants, I took out the small end of the plastic pipe and I opened the valve.

When I saw the small jet of urine pouring, I was in ecstasy. I made standing wee-wee for the first time in my life of woman.

That of the happiness.

 Stop showing his buttocks to outdoor unknowns.

Stop putting directly buttocks on a dirty basin in the toilet public.

Stop queuing up in the toilet.



 The method:

She(It) consists in putting a permanent probe with a valve in the rear, it is enough to take(bring) out the end of the pipe and to open the valve to be able to relieve a pressing desire(envy).

The advantages:

 1: More need to show the buttocks to outdoor unknowns during pressing desire(envy).

2: More do not have to put directly the buttocks on basins dirty.

3: Finished lines in toilet, a tree, a hedge(hurdle), a wall, a little bit dark place is enough.

4: The cost, approximately 100 euros a year.

The inconveniences:

 1: Have to respect a process of hygiene to avoid the infections.

 2: As it is of the medical equipment, he(it) is compulsory to pass by a doctor.

Instructions for use:

 Ask your doctor to train(form) you to put a probe be even.

 Set up the probe by means of the adequate syringe and connect the valve it of closure(lock).

And here is it is quite simple.

 The pocket with urine it is just for being able to spend all night long without needing to have a pee, more awakening(alarm clock) in the middle of the night with a desire(envy) to urinate.

It is brilliant.

 Do not hesitate to discuss it with your doctor by presenting him(her) this site.


 Once a year I books an appointment at my doctor's for a control, I command(order) him(her) 12 probes and 6 pockets urine, the material(equipment) for one year.

 The cost and about 100euros for one year, = less than 10 euros a month.

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